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Shenaniganery at its finest!

Howdy from Texas! I'm MidPrem, coming at you with a selection of MLP charms, facemasks, and enamel pins; Animal Crossing and Pokemon collectibles; and exclusive Mystery Boxes and Commissions (Digital and Traditional)! Stop by for first dibs on my new stock!

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Art by Oomles

Stop by and grab some art by Oomles! With stickers, prints, pins, standees & handmade plushies, you'll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy! Come say hi & add some cute & lovingly made items to your collection.

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Hearth & Home Woodcrafts

A multiverse of fandoms

Made from hand selected pieces of wood, we create swords, spears, axes, canes, and more. A multiverse of fandom is brought to life in Baltic birch or Wisconsin cherry. Every year brings something new.

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CrescentScript & Howling Loup

CrescentScript has been steadily crafting a collection of minimalist MLP prints since 2013. She recently added retro-themed keychains to her table offerings.

Howling Loup has a wide selection of pop culture-inspired keychains, stickers, apparel, & accessories!

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A little bit of everything!

I sell a little bit of everything, from enamel pins to blankets, wallscrolls to stickers and more! All featuring artwork by yours truly!

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Halley & Sweetcream

Pony art, games, and more!

From art and badges, to games, pins and more, we have something for everyone! The core re-print of the famous TSSSF will be here as well as several of the expansions, and even some brand new game projects. Come on by!

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Twilight's Book Nook

We sell books and book accessories.

Come browse our shelves of hardback and paperback pony fiction prints, produced by Ponyfeather Publishing, Ministry of Image, and the authors themselves. With over 50 authors represented you'll be sure to find something to read!

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Maxii's art den

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Brianna Garcia Illustration

Brianna is an illustrator and cover artist for IDW'S My Little Pony comic series. She will have a wide selection of prints, postcards, art books, and more for sale! Brianna will also be available for commissions, including original art and custom comic book covers.

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Fandom merch even your mother would love!

My booth specializes in fun apparel and accessories! Acrylic charms, hats, socks, tote bags and more! Come visit my whimsical bake-shop themed booth and mention this spotlight to get a free sticker (while supplies last.)

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Ponies by RubioWolf

Plushies from the <3

I'm RubioWolf! I make hand-crafted plushies in a variety of different sizes and styles that are snuggly and cuddly! I'll have an assortment of sizes and styles, ranging from laying beanie styles to assorted standing sizes.

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Taurson's Cafe

Adorable arts with a cup of coffee

I will be selling keychains, stickers, enamel pins, and buttons of the arts I've done. I will also be taking on site traditional commissions during the convention as well.

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Smudgemarks & Engelwerks

Besides attending conventions, I love communicating with fans through my streams. I stream every other Saturday starting at 5:30Pm Pacific

Smudgemarks & Engelwerks will be selling original B/W artwork, color prints, and taking original 2D art commissions at the convention.

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Earth-Pony Creations

Ponies and lasers!

From wall art, magnets, cosplay accessories and more, Earth-Pony collaborates with artists from around the fandom to create unique, laser-cut wood and acrylic works of art for you to treasure.

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Techy always has lots of cool new stuff in store!

Looking for a cool shirt to wear or something unique to add to your collection? Techy has something for everypony! Unique toys like Fingerboards to functional stuff like Apparel and Drinkware, collectable Enamel Pins or even a small gift for a special somepony back home, we've got lots of selection to choose from.

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Hibiscus Stitch

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Sophie Scruggs

Signed IDW Comics! Enamel Pins! Super cute plushies! Stickers!

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Doodles Curios

Treasures from across the multiverse!

Doodles Curios is a custom 3d print on demand producer, and sells display figures, gaming figures and accessories from My Little Pony, Gargoyles, Comics and so much more.

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Fiaura The Tank Girl, LLC

Do you want Fallout: Equestria Shinangins? Fiaura has them!

Fiaura is here with the Last of her Fallout: Equestria Dead Tree Books, several little items, new pins, and the return of the glass novelty bottles! Come see what the Princess of Explosions has for you.

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LvlUp Designs

Unleash Your Inner Geek

We are a business offering a variety of pop culture and gaming products to bring out your inner kid. Our products include framed bead and metal art, 3D cube displays, pins, drinkware, apparel, home goods, and more. We provide unique and high-quality products for both collectors and casual enthusiasts. Our goal is to ensure exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

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Fey Market

Hand-sculpted models of your favorite characters from My Little Pony.

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In this household Friendship is Magic, Twilight is our Princess, and Luna is too cute for words.

Comics, Custom Commissions, Prints, Stickers, and Games

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Baja Gryphon

We are Baja & KaijuRiot providing merchandise made for the fandom with love, providing mainly MLP merchandise such as our Signature series of prints, Hard & Soft Enamel pins, Consent badges, Charms, Handfans, A personal meet n greet w/Baja and more to explore

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Sugar Mint Cafe

Something for everypony!

Outfit yourself with costumes accessories, arm bracers, dog tags, canvas bags, pillows, rosettes and much more! Limited official merchandise and our famous lucky bag for those who love a little bit of everything or can't decide :) Kid friendly outpost!

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That's the Dream.

Kinetic and colorful art of your favorite fandoms and fantasies from me - Suta JustaSuta - freelance illustrator and artist galore! I'm passionate about animals, animal characters and creatures, particularly Pokemon and My Little Pony; heck I even do some covers for the IDW MLP comics! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Come on by for original + fanwork art prints, charms, stickers, commissions and more!

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Original artwork, Art books, Prints, Apparel, Accessories, Plush

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Can you think of anything more valuable than memories? (I can't)

MLP? Bluey? Moomin? Courage the Cowardly Dog? Kobolds? This year, on top of a handful of new stickers, prints, and a new shirt, a I'll have three volumes of my autobio comic, and I'll be doing sketch page commissions, where you hand me a character reference and I draw totally random stuff of them until the page is filled. It's gonna be a blast!

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Haywaiian Horse Productions

Home of The Bramble, Bacon, and Bountiful Merch!

Hiya! Welcome to my Hawaiian Hideaway! Here's you'll find unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise from MLP to even Bluey! From in-house custom art and stickers, to charms, mousepads, glitter prints, soft snuggly pillows, and of course, many MANY enamel pins!

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Equestria's Main Supplier of Smiles 'n Happiness!

Hi! My name is Brittney, and I make cute pony art! I have a large variety of items, including prints, stickers, charms, pop sockets, snuggle pillows, pins and even one-of-a-kind traditional pieces! All these things have one thing in common— They were created to make you smile!

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Gleamy Dreams

Pins, plushies, perusable ponies!

Pins, plushies and other perusable wares! You'll find a unique and shiny bunch of fun pony wares at this event! Ranging from the standard shiny enamel pins that glitter and glow to the unusual glass drinkware. We are proud to stock potentially one of the largest varieties of pony wares, so no matter what pony you love - big or small, known or unknown - come by to check it out!

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Vi Sweet Boutique

Where fandoms and fashion collide!

Handmade clothing and accessories for all bodies

Table 33

Choco Pony's CONfectioneries

Your one stop shop for flags and more!

Stop by Choco's CONfectioneries for your one stop sweet shop for all your pony needs, from flags to badges to pins to shirts.

Table 34

JParraAllen aka TalonsofWater

I'll be selling prints and coffee mugs

Table 35

Geeky Pins n Things

Unique pony merch you won’t find elsewhere in Equestria!

Unique pony wears you won’t find else where! Come find unique enamel pins, enamel pin accessories, mystery keychains, sticker books and so much more!

Table 36


It is I the Saphy pone. Queen of Chaos and.....just a giant dork.

I sell a variety of items from stickers, badges and prints to a plethora of traditional pieces in all sorts of mediums.

Table 37

Red Palette Art

My name is Red Palette Art and I specialize in my Little Pony and other fandom genres. At my booth you'll find things like acrylic keychains, original art prints, lanyards, vinyl die cut stickers, phone grips, cell phone charms, and much more! Here at Red Palette Art there's a little something for everyone - and especially those who like RATS!

Table 38

mellodillo's sketches and goods!

Selling stickers and charms, as well as custom traditional sketches made to order!

Table 39 and 40

Dawnfire's Art

Come by Dawn's table for cute pony art, buttons, keychains, bookmarks and wallscrolls!
Posca marker commissions taken at the table!

Table 41


We sell pony shirts, charms, prints and plushies!

Table 42

Tony Fleecs

Comic Artist/Writer

Tony Fleecs is a prolific and critically acclaimed comic book creator and TV writer. His work has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the United States and has been translated and reprinted all over the world. Tony's creator owned books include STRAY DOGS (2021,) LOCAL MAN (2023,) TIME SHOPPER (2022,) and JEFF STEINBERG: CHAMPION OF EARTH (2016,) You've seen Tony's art on some of your favorite titles like Star Wars, Rick & Morty, Avengers, Spider-Man, Batman, TMNT, Transformers and just a literal TON of My Little Pony.

Table 43

Jeremy Whitley

Comic Writer

Jeremy Whitley has the distinction of having written the most My Little Pony comics of any writer, with his work appearing in a current total of 56 comics. He is also the writer and creator of the all-ages series 'Princeless', 'Raven Pirate Princess', 'The Dog Knight', and 'School for Extraterrestrial Girls'. He has also written extensively for Marvel comics, including the acclaimed series 'The Unstoppable Wasp' and is the writer for the 'Sea of Thieves' comic book companion series. His favorite princess is Luna.

Table 44 and 45


Come get your most huggable plushy ever! ♡

We sell a wide variety of plushies featuring your favorite characters from My Little Pony ; Friendship Is Magic, My Little Pony A New Generation, & more!

Table 46


Couple o' artists being arts.

Prints, badges, buttons, stickers, shadowboxes and perler beads, the works! All drawn and crafted by Cosmic Keyframe and Luximus.

Table 47

CosmicKeyframe Productions

Cosmic is here to provide art from the Cosmos!

CosmicKeyframe is here to provide you with all your unique, artisinal needs! Along with prints and posters, Cosmic also has shadowboxes, charms, pins, paintings, and more! Some things that are sparkly, glow in the dark, shiny, eyes that follow you -- you'll find something truly special! Also stop by to see what Cosmic is live painting at her booth!

Table 48

TOP Dog Studios

Fursuits & Merchandise that make you feel like a TOP dog!

We at TOP Dog Studios specialize in fursuits and merchandise made for a plethora of fandoms, most notably the furry fandom! Although the base of our operations is furry, we love delving into other fandom spaces such as MLP, Pokemon, Anime, and more! Here at our booth, you can find fursuits/costumes, apparel such as shirts and beanies, plushies, merchandise such as pins, stickers and charms, and so much more! Our goal is to make you feel like a TOP Dog, no matter what you buy!

Table 49

Waffle Wishes

You deserve to feel comfortable.

Jackets, Shorts, Blankets, and Plushies!

Table 50

Rabbitasaur Creatives

It me Rabbitasaur. What is your favourite dinosaur?

Rabbitasaur is a creative critter with a long history in the MLP community. Starting out as a staff artist for BronyCan 2013, and onward with VPE, Rabbitasaur has been creating cute ponies for many years! In addition to ponies their interests include dinosaurs, plants, reptiles, and other unique creatures! With a varied offering of items featuring their art, Rabbitasaur is a wonderful and creative individual who would love to draw your favorite horse!

Table 51

Moozua Art

"I'm sorry for drawing Gothfield."

Moozua will be selling sketch commissions, wall scrolls, pillows, keychains, and more with her artwork!

Table 52

Befish n' Fluffle Stuff

A pink fluffy pony and a cute girl in socks? What more could you ask for?

Do you like cute ponies in socks? Or maybe pink fluffy unicorns that dance on rainbows?
Then come down to our table! This is the table of both the creator of Fluffle Puff, and the artist BefishProductions! We have badges, buttons, stickers, charms, and much much more! *The creator of Fluffle Puff will not be attending the con, but all Fluffle merch proceeds go to helping run their channel!

Table 53

S. Park Creatures

S. Park (you can pronounce it spark) makes a little bit of everything, but especially soft, cuddly, fluffy plushes. From cute and tiny to basically life-sized, they do all your favorite characters. Plus ear and tail costume sets and more!

Table 54

The Rainbow Table

Keep an eye out for those rainbows! They will make you smile!

I will be selling Keychains, small plushies, cutout pillows, buttons, a few print items, 3D printed figures and pins.

Table 55

Way2Weird Productions


Featuring merchandise inspired by My Little Pony and Silver Quill's "After the Fact" videos. Come see buttons, badges, pins, key-chains, journals, towels, hacky sacks, and resin-crafted works from the prodigious pigeon himself! Keep an eye out for the gold-sequin tablecloth and the absurdly-dressed host. Come chat things up and celebrate "Continuity!"

Table 56

Viw's Art

Stop on by for , pins, playmats, ponies, woodcuts, towels, blankets or whatever you like on large painterly backgrounds or neat accessories. I'm the artist for a good number of ponies in magestic scenes and painterly detail.I also have a number of images on various products for use around the house so feel free to browse and find something neat.

Table 57

Sky Railroad

Drink Train and card games

A little bit of everything, from custom cocktail recipes to card games. If we think something is funny or interesting, we make it. Bottle openers, Toilet Paper Holders, Wall Scrolls, and custom Spice Blends. It's an eclectic selection with no limit on what we'll do next.

Table 57

My Little Ties

The finest provider of MLP inspired formalwear nonpareil! Now with extra lasers.

My Little Pony inspired ties, bow-ties, lapel pins, flasks, coasters, necklaces, steel and silver jewelry, coins, wax seal stamps, mugs, compasses, magnets, sun catchers, keychains and more!

Table 58


Show accurate Pony plushies. They are soft sweet girls :)

Table 59

Candled with Care

Colorful parasoy pony candles individually made with care

Come enjoy the wonderful scents of Equestria with our selection of hand poured pony candles. Each candle features a unique scent featuring some of your favorite characters. Come by and smell the magic that these little candles bring!

Table 60

Silver Games LLC

To adventure!

Prepare for adventure! Ready for D&D 5th edition or Pathfinder(1 or 2), you can be a pony instead of a boring elf or dwarf or whatever. We also have dice, plush, coins, and more waiting to be grabbed.

Table 61

Variety Custom Guitars

Guitars, art, creativity!!

Table 62

InkKey Studios

Bumbling my way through life and art

InkKey Studios provides a wide range of prints, charms, stationary and yes, even air fresheners.

Table 63 and 64

Battle Gem Ponies

Battle with Powerful Shapeshifting Ponies in this Upcoming RPG!

Come play the newest build of Battle Gem Ponies! Superpowered ponies go head-to-head in this Pokémon-like RPG adventure that’s set to release a special demo on mobile app stores just a couple months after the convention!

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Streamily Featured Guests

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Check out our Featured Guests here.