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Cosplay Scavenger Hunt

At Everfree we love our cosplayers, social media, and pictures so we combined them into our first ever Cosplay Scavenger Hunt!

Everfree Northwest Cosplay Scavenger Hunt 2023

Friday | Saturday | Sunday


Marina has always had a love for all things on the surface, and this year she wants to see all of our wonderful cosplayers at the convention. Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Everfree Northwest's extraordinary Cosplay Scavenger Hunt, where fantasy and creativity intertwine to bring your favorite characters to life! As we bring Equestria to earth for 3 days, step into a world where the boundaries of imagination are shattered, and the thrill of discovery awaits around every corner.

With the power of social media and time stamps, we want you to find willing cosplayers to take pictures of during the con and share them with the world.

If you have accepted this challenge and think yourself worthy, there are a few rules we need to go over.

Rules of the Hunt

  1. COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT!!! ALWAYS ask before taking a cosplayer’s photo and be respectful of their answer.
    • Ambush photography, sneaking shots, distance shots, and anything that's not clearly done with consent is strictly forbidden and grounds for disqualification.
  2. All cosplays MUST follow convention guidelines and be PG. This applies to photos taken as well, so no inappropriate poses are allowed.
  3. Post pictures of cosplayers on Twitter or in the scavenger hunt channel on Everfree's Discord server. Each post must have:
    • Photo
    • Category
    • #EFNWCosplayHunt23
    • Tagging the cosplayer, if able, is highly encouraged
  4. The first person with a valid badge to tag all 9 categories and be verified by the info desk* each day wins a special mystery prize!
  5. There will be 9 categories per day, and you need at least 1 cosplayer per category to finish.
  6. Each cosplay/cosplayer can only be used once each day per category. For example, an Applejack cosplayer could be tagged as Mane 6, Apple Family, or Earth Pony, but not all 3. If you use Applejack as a Mane 6, then you will need to find and tag other cosplayers for Apple Family and Earth Pony.

* Info desk has final say on validity of hunt completion.
** Violation of these rules is grounds for immediate disqualification from the scavenger hunt and may be subject to additional review by convention leadership.
*** Staff are allowed and encouraged to participate, but to ensure fairness they may not win.

The Cosplay Scavenger Hunt at Everfree Northwest is a riveting adventure that combines passion, imagination, and camaraderie. Whether you're a novice cosplayer, seasoned pro, or someone who just loves seeing cosplays, this extraordinary experience will ignite your creativity, forge new friendships, and leave you with cherished memories that will endure far beyond the convention's end. Dare to embark on this unparalleled journey and let your cosplay aspirations soar to new heights!