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ACRacebest is a mechanical engineer best known for his Youtube series “Bronies React”. He specializes in destroying cars, trying to be funny, and wishing he had a pizza. With an accumulated 37 million views online, he continues to produce comedy sketches, vlogs, and more, while entertaining live audiences on multiple stages and venues. There’s also a rumor that he’s fond of Zootopia.

Keep an eye out during the convention as Race is known to vlog his adventures.


JaxBlade A STAPLE of BRONIES REACT is a certified Personal Trainer/Strength Coach and Nerd who shares his passion of Fitness through various fictional mediums including Anime, Video Games, Comic Books and Cartoons. He has a channel with 500k+ subscribers and His 2 well known series are Tough Like the Toonz (where he makes training routines based on various fictional characters to help people attain bodies like them and his series Would That Workout where he analyzes Fictional Training and how truly effective it would be.

Panama Matt

A recurring character on the Semi Perfect Podcast, periodic riffer, as-seen on Cartoon Court, and has worked with MLP conventions in the past. Everfree Northwest was his first convention nearly a decade ago and he is happy to return, not just to attend, but to bring enjoyment to those now attending too. Most often seen behind the scenes, most often seen wearing the least Panama of hats, and certain to be seen at Everfree Northwest this year.


Saberspark is a Youtuber who does animation analysis and reviews on his channel. With an audience of nearly a million subscribers, Saber tries to provide fun and informative content for his viewers.


Sara (aka Toodles) is an artist, podcast host, and professional wife to ACRacebest. Sara started her MLP journey by getting her husband into the show, and has been on a wild ride ever since.

She is best known for her appearances in the YouTube series “Bronies React,” being one of many hosts on “The Semi-Perfect Podcast,” and as behind-the-scenes coordinator of a majority of the “Hooves Line” panels throughout multiple conventions.

At cons, you’ll most likely find her getting yoked by carrying various pieces of camera equipment from panel to panel.


Silver Quill

Surveying the scene in 2012, Silver Quill didn't become a full-on fan of the show until he saw the level of creativity it inspired. Beginning with comics before launching a YouTube channel, he has gained a following and become a contributing figure on Equestria Daily, Bronies React, the MBS Show, and his own 'After the Fact' series. Combining classical themes, modern-day culture, and slapstick, Silver Quill is one of the premier reviewers and a familiar face in the convention scene.

Mad Munchkin

Mad Munchkin is a Scottish born freelance Artist and Youtuber since 2013, analyzing Animated movies and TV shows including My Little Pony. She also makes videos discussing various issues within the art Industry and the importance of creativity in every day life.

Lightning Bliss

Meet Lightning Bliss, the spunky, tiny, rainbow alicorn of the Brony Analysis Community, proud member of the Secret Rift Cafe as well as the Blue Team's 'Heavy' and Lead Editor for Josh Scorcher's and DRWolf's TF2: Analysis Anarchy Series! When she's not reviewing or training on the battlefield, she's learning how to control her magic, work on her artwork and animation, or is up to silly shenanigans with her friends amongst the Brony Community! With her pet and guard dog Twink the rainbow monster watching over her, Lightning Bliss takes on the world, exploring new conventions and making new friends and meeting her fans! So keep an eye out for her, she would love to meet you all, but don’t call her cute! If you do! You risk getting zapped with her rainbows!

MLP Trinary

Author of the 'Dashverse' fanfiction series and other fanworks, Trinary is an avid, opinionated fan of Friendship is Magic. He's also the owner of the largest known MLP pin collection in the world and maintains an online database of all known MLP pins for G4 & G5. Trinary has been regularly attending MLP conventions since 2011 (over 20 cons to-date).



Hello every-pony! We’re Step 2 Harmony, a Texas based cosplay and dance group! Founded in 2017, we have accumulated nearly 30 million views on our YouTube channel where we post our dance covers, and original choreography. We dance to songs mostly from the MLP and Equestria Girls franchise, but have recently started branching off into JPop as well! We’re so excited to be attending, and can’t wait to meet everyone!



Dustykatt – The Man, the Myth………

Legend? Probably not, you see he is just a goofball doing his thing and taking people along for the crazy ride that is his life.

Over the years of this wild Brony fandom, he's been an original member of Bronies React, played the Australian in the TF2 Analysis Anarchy series, voice acted as Thatch in the Thatch and Dial YouTube series alongside Mandopony as well as parts in the East Corp productions of Fallout Equestria. Luximus also recruited him for to play a hot dog vender in her animation series Allister and Melody.

His Voice acting roles lead to Book narration and also on camera opportunities. Being cast in a Metallica music video and playing a heavy in a student film out of San Francisco.

He is most proud of his Livestream show “Stay Brony My Friends” which over the years interviewed many people in the fandom as well as many who worked on My Little pony: Friendship is Magic directly, raising over 50,000 dollars for charity during it's run.

His passion for music lead him to begin guitar building, starting with a replica of Sunset Shimmer's guitar from Rainbow Rocks. He has built many to date, more in the Cigar Box variety. Basing the themes of each guitar he builds in the MLP world.

He now travels to conventions to entertain on stage during such panels as Bronies React, Hooves line is it anyway and Script readings. Leading VIP panels as well as Charity Auction duties that he shares whenever he can with his good pal Foalpapers.

Fiaura The Tank Girl

Fiaura is a scientist and writer, she builds panels based upon questions asked by those within fandoms and tries to figure it out with SCIENCE! Doing this she has built hundreds of panels and dozens of videos ranging from Battletech to Anime to Ponies. Wanna know how old the ponies are? She's got that. Want to have some science on Pinkie Pie? She's got that. In addition to all of this, she is a writer and publisher for Fallout: Equestria books as well as other content around her books on Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree. She is currently working on the 4th book! If you wanna ask about the FoE universe, she might just have the answer or where you should look.

Taylor B Mcardle

Taylor has been a part of the brony fandom since 2016 after a close friend told him about the show when he needed it the most. He is seen by the community as a positive influencer, friend to all, and is well recognized for supporting community artists and vendors. He hosts a hangout event in the BlepCon discord server called “Webcam Hangout” every Tuesday night to give folks that “being back at a con feeling” virtually. As you can tell from his outfit, he is a huge fan of a certain character that, well…shows off the “Glimmer Gang” pride. Whenever he isn’t fantasizing about Starlight Glimmer, he is also heavily invested in auto racing. You can always find him on Twitter talking about any and all things…..yeah you get the idea.


Chocolate Pony

Called a “Renaissance Man” by Tabitha St. Germain, Chocolate Pony (aka SouthParkTaoist) is known for their art, academic style history, and analysis panels in the fandom scene. Having done design work for entertainment companies, military units, universities, and companies, they now are known at conventions for their booth of tarot cards, flags, badges, and enamel pins. Currently they host the Zootopia Minute podcast and the TransformARTive YouTube channel, which looks into the history and analysis of narrative art, and their Convention History book project, which tracks the evolution of pop culture events. Outside the fandom, they studied genetic biology at Johns Hopkins University and published history books with Arcadia Publishing and History Press ranging from the history of military school education to the visual novel industry.

Hibiscus Stitch

Hibiscus Stitch has been sewing plushies since 2005 and a convention artist since 2015. All her work is professionally handmade and lovingly crafted from Ponies to Pokémon to Sea Creatures. She shares making of videos and convention vlogs on TikTok and YouTube. While she may always be busy sewing away, she always has time to lend a hoof to anyone who needs advice or encouragement in the crafting world!


Igor, as a fan of the show since late 2011, has two long term goals in the fandom. The first is to create fashionable formal-wear accessories with which to allow ponies to be brought into nearly any working environment, and through this to ever so slowly elevate the fashion of the fandom at large. This may be a slow process, but it's certainly a worthwhile one. Now with the addition of two lasers, the inexhaustible pursuit of lasering ponies on all sorts of things is in full swing as well.

The second is, accepting the inevitable AI singularity and our eventual cybernetic overlords, to help make sure that there is pony present there as well. To this end, he has built a virtual reality simulation of Ponyville, with close to a hundred AI ponies, and a slowly expanding series of quests. A demo of this fledgling virtual world will be running at his vendor hall table via an Oculus Rift and the magic that is modern technology. Donning the headset, it is possible for anyone to temporarily abandon their current existence and take on the form of a diminutive equine avatar.


RubioWolf is a 35 year old crafter who's been sewing for over 20 years. She's been making MLP plushies since 2013, which is also the same year she joined the fandom! She's been vending at pony conventions since 2014, with Everfree Northwest being where she had her vending debut. She's easily recognizable with her plethora of pony tattoos and hot pink hair (which is usually adorned with pony ears as well).


A brony since the start of the fandom and avid booze enthusiast for nearly as long, Sky is currently a vendor at various conventions, though mostly pony, and can easily be found at the bar or around trains.



Caerdwyn is a relic of The Age Before the Internet. Having been deeply immersed in fannish activities since 1983, and having continuously been a D&D Dungeon Master since the Long-Long-Ago of 1978, his rap sheet is about as random as it comes. His grasp on reality has faded away to the thinnest veneer. From running the first network-connected furry dial-up bulletin board system, to hosting enough furry and anime parties to put him a year’s income in debt, to professionally lettering comic books and creating graphic novels, he is a walking example of “short attention span”.

But there’s more to him than that. Caerdwyn holds a private pilot license, has survived multiple motorcycle wrecks, broken bones in S.C.A. medieval combat, walked/limped away from 50’ fall from Castle Rock, and put his car on its roof. He is also a veteran of Silicon Valley, having ridden the startup roller-coaster (specializing in Internet technologies and info security) so many times that it all blurs together. See previous reference to “short attention span”.

Having been infected by the Pony Invasion in 2011, he just can’t seem to break free. That’s okay, we all have to accept our fates… as long as you admit that Applejack is Best Pony.

The Illustrious Q

In March of 2011, a fairly quiet Brony known as The Illustrious Q watched his first brand new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, “Over a Barrel”. This was of course after binging the entire first season up to that point. While he was, at the time, content to let other more more interested/energetic people make their mark in the fandom, something was about to happen which would change everything. It wasn't the Fire Nation attacking, but IDW Publishing announcing a new My Little Pony Comic Series at SDCC 2012 that had arguably as much of an impact on him. Minus the being frozen in ice for a century bit. Never one for half measures, The Illustrious Q swore an oath to collect every single MLP comic produced by IDW on that fateful day. Little did he realize that his quest for perfection would eventually lead him to Equestria Daily as their resident IDW MLP Comic Expert, MLP convention reporter, and chief interviewer!

Commentary is Magic

Commentary is Magic is thrilled to return to Everfree Northwest, bringing all the joy and excitement of the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game with them! Since 2015, CiM has focused on organizing and running livestreamed CCG tournaments (with commentary, of course!) and new player demos at conventions both pony-focused and otherwise. Additionally, their regular broadcasts on Twitch have helped to provide players of all skill levels with helpful tips and tricks, featured duels between community members, and deck ideas for a variety of playstyles. Commentary is Magic has been responsible for Organized Play since 2018, hosting Continental Championships, Store Championships and regular OnlineCons during the pandemic to allow fans around the world to continue to connect and play.

This year's Everfree Northwest will feature one of the most exciting event schedules to date! Bring your best deck for the North American Continental Championship, try something new in the always-enjoyable Cube Draft, break out your oldies-but-goodies for our Harmony tournament, or find your inner Discord with the return of the popular Chaos is Magic event! If you're new to the game, bring a friend along to one of our learn-to-play sessions or relax and trade with other players; no matter how you choose to play, it's sure to be a good time, so come compete and join the fun!

Musician Panelists


Introducing the legendary dBPony, the sensation of the My Little Pony community! Known for his unforgettable hits like 'Wonderbolt,' 'No Chance,' and 'Daddy Discord,' dBPony has been enchanting fans since 2012. Prepare to be captivated as he takes the stage at Everfree Northwest, the ultimate destination for all bronies and pegasisters. Join us for an unforgettable experience as dBPony showcases his incredible piano skills as part of the thrilling game show, Hooves Line! Get ready to be swept away by his melodic magic at Everfree Northwest, the convention you can't afford to miss!


No longer attending.