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Grand Galloping Gala

Ponystock Live! 7:30pm-11pm

Ponystock Live! will feature a medley of live musicians and bands to bring you the latest and greatest in live music from the fandom. Featuring some familiar and never-before-been-to-Everfree musicians, there will be something for everyone! Guitars, keyboards, drums and singers, this concert will keep the heart pumping and the audience jumping.

Ponystock Dance! 11pm-2:00am

Ponystock Dance! starts with Step2Harmony doing a brand new in-cosplay dance routine from The New Generation before Koa takes the stage to keep you dancing with her explosive high energy songs. Then, fandom DJ favorites Eurobeat Brony and John Kenza finish the night as they mix and remix the biggest and best hits in brony music and all across the internet.

Ponystock Live & Dance Lineup



Your local popstar with her angelic and dynamic vocal talents, effervescent personality and vibrant stage presence, you're sure to surrender all of your attention to the self-proclaimed pop-goth princess that is NAMII.


Francis Vace

Beware their live performances, for they are a spectacle cloaked in shadow. Francis Vace's stage presence is both mesmerizing and chilling, as if they hold a connection to a realm beyond our own. The audience is left spellbound, their hearts entangled in a web of intrigue and uncertainty.
Join us as we dare to welcome Francis Vace to our music event. Be prepared to confront your deepest fears and embrace the unsettling beauty within. Will you succumb to the allure of their dark melodies, or will you unravel the truth behind their mysterious facade? Step into the shadows and discover the terrible secret that lies within Francis Vace's haunting music.



dBPony is a distinguished figure within the MLP/Brony community, celebrated for his melodic compositions that reflect the heart of the fandom. His musical portfolio, an intricate blend of dynamic anthems and emotive narratives, serves as an aural representation of the MLP universe, establishing a deep resonance with listeners. Committed to sharing his artistry, dBPony regularly performs stages at events across the country, including the upcoming Everfree Northwest convention. As he continues to develop, dBPony is skillfully introducing fresh elements to his musical craft while retaining a respectful homage to the original narratives that define the community.



Hey, I'm a local Washingtonian! I do all kinds of different genres and styles, so if you're coming to my set on Friday, get ready to rock! We're gonna kick it into high gear with some energy-packed tunes!


Luck Rock

Longtime pony punk musician (and #1 Zipp stan!) Luck Rock is excited to bring his high-energy jams, silly onstage antics, memes, and more to the EFNW stage! Get ready to get moving, feel some feels, and have a blast to this roller coaster of a set!



Melody is a 20 Year Old multi-instrumentalist musician based in southeast Michigan. Melody specializes in rock and metal. With a track record of many performances spanning from all over the US to even Germany, he has a sound for all audiences. Original album "FIN" available now.


Jeff Burgess

Jeff Burgess is a musician from Pittsburgh, PA. Having been producing in the fandom since 2012, he's become best known for his collaborations, which include "Stay Calm" with Griffinilla, "Ursa Major" with Vylet Pony, and "Home" with Eilemonty and MEMJ0123. He's released music under a wide variety of pseudonyms, and across many genres. This is Burgess' first time performing at a convention since 2016.


Step 2 Harmony

Hello every-pony! We’re Step2Harmony, a Texas based cosplay and dance group! Founded in 2017, our main social is our YouTube channel where we post our dance covers, and original choreography. Tonight, we bring you a brand new in-cosplay dance routine from The New Generation!



Rizzy tunes. Bright colors. Explosive energy. Alt fashion. Come witness the absolutely sillypilled, somewhat-controlled chaos that is Koa, live at Everfree Northwest!


Eurobeat Brony

Odyssey (aka Eurobeat Brony) is the earliest and longest-lasting pioneer of brony music, with a discography containing several of the fandom’s cherished classics over the last decade including the original “Discord”, “Luna”, and “Batty”. Come see why Odyssey’s performances must be seen (and heard) to be believed.


John Kenza

John Kenza is music producer and DJ specializing in melodic and electronic music. He is no stranger to the Brony fandom and has been creating pony content since 2013. Get ready for euphoric melodies, powerful basslines, and exclusive pony remixes!