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My Little Pony: Collectable Card Gaming at Everfree Northwest 2023

Marina and Trixie discussing trading cards

New player events

New to the game? Check out our Learn to Play events throughout the weekend! No prior gaming experience needed and it only takes about 20 minutes to learn the basics of the game. Have a friend? Learn to play together! Foals welcome, but age 6+ recommended.


Already know how to play the game? Join some of this year’s awesome events!

Harmony Tournament

Miss the old days of Premiere? Join this shorter, more casual event where you get to play with all* the cards!
*the ban list still applies, sorry.

Cube Draft

The ever-popular Cube Draft pioneered (and provided!) by I8Pages! Pick cards from hoof-curated packs for an exquisite experience.

Continuous Chaos

The rules change constantly and the points don’t matter, but that’s just fine because you’re here for all the chaos you can handle and more! Cards get “corrected” with sharpie, plushes get put into play, and this year we’re cooking up a little something special…

North American Continental Championships

For a real challenge, compete in the North American Continental Championships at Everfree for the third year in a row, hosted by Commentary is Magic. Prizes and promos will be plentiful! The Continental Championship is the culmination of the competitive season: a Core-format tournament featuring high level play of the game, exclusive promos and lots of prizes, especially for the top cut, where the stakes get even higher in the best-of-three elimination rounds! Game rules and tournament procedures can be found in the MLP:CCG Document Repository!

Commentary is Magic

Comentary is Magic logo Image

We’re proud to be returning to Everfree once again to host and stream MLP:CCG events! If you’re interested in joining the broader MLP:CCG community or checking out CiM’s past event coverage, check out the links below:

MLP:CCG Discord Community